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Why Choose Keller Williams Realty?
There are many reasons to choose Keller Williams Realty as the place to run your real estate business, but training and education top the list. With Keller Williams University, Ignite, KW Connect, and many other educational outlets, you have a proven model to follow to take your business from surviving to thriving. This, along with support, culture, technology, and profit sharing, makes Keller Williams stand out from other companies.
How much can I expect to earn in my real estate career?
Trying to determine income is a difficult task as your income potential could be determined by various skills, such as sales, relationship building, inner drive, and the conditions of your local market. In addition, there is a monetary and time cost associated with the ramp-up period as you establish your business. It is recommended that you have a reasonable amount of capital on hand to support yourself during this period.
What does it cost to get started with Keller Williams?
Starting a career in real estate does come with a financial commitment, especially on the front end. As you will need to cover licensing costs, start-up fees, local board membership dues, as well as other general business expenses (supplies, marketing, phone, computer, etc.) Typically, the average start-up cost ranges between $500 and $1,500.
As a new agent, what type of real estate training is provided?
The training offered at Keller Williams is how we distance ourselves from other brokerages. Whether it's Ignite, a course designed to have you go from surviving to thriving in your new career, as it covers all the foundational principals needed to make sure your business is built upon the best practices and tactics to generate leads and successfully close them. Plus, Keller Williams provides a large online library of training through Keller Williams University and associate entities. It covers everything from contracts to lead generation to successfully managing your new business. Also, with the resources on Keller Williams University and KW Connect, there will be no shortage of educational opportunities.
How do I take Ignite and other training offered by Keller Williams?
We do have the best training in the real estate industry, and this is only for licensed associates. So, once you have secured your real estate license, you will then gain access to the best real estate training available on the planet.
Is there any financial assistance provided to help with getting licensed for real estate?
Currently, there is no financial assistance available, but once you are licensed, the training, support, and culture we provide are the best in the industry. So, while it's easy to be enticed by other companies who offer initial financial support, this typically will be the extent of their support for your real estate career.
What real estate school should I choose? Are online schools a good option?
As long as the real estate school is accredited by your state, choose the one you like best. Some states have online real estate schools where you can complete the courses from the comfort of your own home. This allows you to finish the courses at your own pace and start your new career much faster. This is a great alternative to sitting in a classroom and online courses are what we suggest. Be sure to check out your state’s licensing page to find the school that is right for you. Remember, the real training comes once you join Keller Williams Realty!
Am I able to set my own schedule?
As a Keller Williams agent, you are an independent contractor, so you are free to run your business however you see fit. The models we will teach you include how to effectively manage your time in a way to successfully run your business on a normal business schedule (35-40 hours a week).
Where will I find leads/clients?
We have a saying at Keller Williams. "We don’t give you the fish, we teach you how to catch your own." So, learning the key tactics and steps needed for effecting lead generation is foundational to your success in the real estate industry. At Keller Williams, we cover the various methods used by top agents, in the areas of internet lead conversions, conversations with expired or drawn listings and FSBOS (For Sale By Owners), open houses, door knocking, etc. With these tools, you will ensure you are making enough connections to take your business to your desired level.
Is Keller Williams a competing broker?
No, the leadership team at Keller Williams offices are not competing with you for real estate business. This is considered a conflict of interest. Our main goal of our entire leadership team at each office is to help support and build your real estate business to your desired level.
Why is Keller Williams' training so important? I passed all my required exams to receive my license.
While the training you received to become a licensed real estate professional provided you with the basic rules and principles of a real estate transaction, they are unable to give you the tools you need as a new agent to successfully run a real estate business, such as marketing and lead generation. Keller Williams training provides the tools and training that we know it will take for you to become a successful real estate agent, so you can take your business to the level of success you desire.