The Keller Williams Advantage

The KW Advantage

Our vision at Keller Williams is to be the real estate company of choice for agents and their customers.

Today we wanted to talk about 5 different parts of KW that we believe give agents an advantage in the marketplace. 


In 2018, Keller Williams made a major announcement in the real estate industry. We believe that technology is not going away and the best way to support our agents was to build our own technology platform. This was a multi million dollar investment by Gary Keller, our co-founder at KW because he knew it was necessary to give KW agents an advantage in the future of our industry. 

KW is constantly on the search for new tools and technologies to help our agents in their business. That means it doesn’t just look fancy, but actually performs to make the buying and selling process better for the customer. Technology is changing the way we buy and sell real estate. Our KW tech team stays on top of the trends to make sure you are the most sophisticated agent out there.

Our technology is centered around our platform called Command and Command Mobile. These two tools allow agents to support their clients on the go no matter where they are in the world. KW tech is focused on continuing to either build or partner with the best platforms to support our agents. 


Keller Williams makes it easy for its agents to work together. We come from the belief that we are more successful in striving toward a common goal rather than our individual interests. At KW, the individual agent’s success can actually work in tandem with working for the good of their fellow agents.

We are a company that teaches people to come from abundance. We do not believe that in order to win, someone else must lose. In fact, we believe quite the opposite. If we are willing to add value back to our agents and our agents add value to each other, we can actually all do more business and build a big life in real estate. We call it our win-win philosophy. 


It’s no secret, do a quick Google search and you will find that KW is one of the TOP training companies out there. Ensuring our agents are the most knowledgeable, competent and business savvy agents in the business is very important to the core of KW. We pour into our agents constantly with the best training classes and courses in the business on a local, regional and national level.

Profit Sharing

One of the core advantages that KW agents have is that we have a system to reward agents who help the company grow. Basically, the owners of a KW franchise have agreed to share up to 48% of their profits back with the agents who help the company grow. This allows for those who support the growth of KW, to build a passive stream of income that is generationally willable. It is an amazing gift and again supports the philosophy of win-win.


Track Record

Keller Williams is now the largest real estate franchise company in the world by agent count, units sold and volume sold (and growing!) The strong growth at KW is proof that when you run an amazing business and hire amazing people, growth and success tend to follow.

KW agents have a proven track record of being some of the top producers in pretty much every market they are in. Our founder literally wrote the #1 book on having success in this industry, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (if you have not read it, we highly recommend you do!)

When you join KW you will be a part of an organization where you are constantly trained, coached, assisted, supported, motivated and most of all APPRECIATED!

All of this helps to give you the KW advantage!

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